A car progresses in the darkness, bringing the crowd along its mechanical choreography. It lights the scenery, crosses facades of images, changing matters, surreal eruptions. Shades turn into murals, screens are ran through, walls become membranes, flesh and voices assert themselves.

Press release

Artists :
Agnieszka Polska, Aline Bouvy & John Gillis, Alizée Quitman, Astrit Ismaili,
Davide Tidoni, Geo Wyeth, Jay Tan, Julian Weber, Kareem Lotfy, Maxime Le Bon,
Naïmé Perrette, Stéphane Abitbol, Thibaud Le Maguer, Thomas Perroteau

Curators :
Naïmé Perrette, Thomas Perroteau

Producer :
Jesse van Winden


8pm - 11pm

At 8:30pm, the gate will close as a ride will start.
5€ - rsvp : lapartmortelle@gmail.com

15.09.2018 - 16.09.2018

11 am - 8 pm

The day will shed its lights on the vestiges.

LOCATION : 67 rue de Vrière, Brussels - Metro Bockstael

Supported by : Komplot, ISELP and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Contact : lapartmortelle@gmail.com

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